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Here are  several resources that explore the human/nature relationship. Some are easy reads, others are more in-depth scholarly articles. Regardless of the title, each has been selected for their academic credibility, standards and scientific accuracy. We add more resources often. All links open in new windows. 

This Is Your Brain on Nature - When we get closer to nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—we do our overstressed brains a favor. - National Geographic

How does nature impact our well-being?  - University of Minnesota

Natural environments - healthy environments? An exploratory analysis of the relationship between greenspace and healthSjerp de Vries, Robert A Verheij, Peter P Groenewegen ; Peter Spreeuwenberg - Netherlands Research

Distraction therapy with nature sights and sounds reduces pain during flexible bronchoscopy: A complementary approach to routine analgesia.  - Diette GB, Lechtzin N, Haponik E, Devrotes A, Rubin HR. National Institutes of Health

The Restorative Effect of Nature. Why connecting to the great outdoors is good for our wellbeing - Psychology Today 

Healthy Workplaces: The Effects of Nature Contact at Work on Employee Stress and Health - Public Health Reports

Benefits of Nature: What We Are Learning about Why People Respond to Nature - Virginia I. Lohr Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Washington State University

Effect of exposure to natural environment on health inequalities: an observational population study -   Dr Richard Mitchell, PhD , Frank Popham, PhD - The Lancet

View through a window may influence recovery from surgeryAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science

Can Nature Make Us More Caring? Effects of Immersion in Nature on Intrinsic Aspirations and Generosity - Netta Weinstein, Andrew K. Przybylski, Richard M. Ryan - University of Rochester