What We Do

Our experiential cinema technology makes life a better place to be.


That's our secret sauce! Explorers Like Us is cinematic technology development company that’s fusing leading-edge science, technology, behavioral science, medicine and human response to create delicious cinematic experiences that become part of all of us in ways far beyond traditional entertainment.

Explorers Like Us is driven by world-class cinematic production capabilities. We leverage our technologies and merge them with problems to pioneer new solutions and exceptional experiences that not only entertain, but also help people feel and heal better, protect and preserve our environment, capture our world like never before possible – and bring smiles of awe and amazement to the eyes of millions around the world.


Introducing our new therapeutic technology partner: Life Environments™

We've now formed a working partnership with Life Environments for application and licensing of our therapeutic audio technologies. To learn more, please visit LifeEnvironments.com.


Giving back is in our DNA.

Life Environments™ uses our lifelike therapeutic audio technology to interrupt anxiety, stress and depression and to help people heal and feel better using nature’s experience when it’s nowhere to be found. In 2018, Life Environments will be available to all children’s hospitals in North America free of charge!

The American Sound Bank is capturing America’s unique soundscape for scientific research, preservation and conservation and to capture the American experience in ways never before possible. More importantly, it’s made possible by significant technology contributions by Explorers Like Us and the support of generous people worldwide just like you.


Unimaginable possibilities coming soon!

Explorers Like Us is pioneering magical innovations that are making the world and all who call it home a better place to be – today.

At Explorers Like Us, we’re not talking about the future, we’re creating it!