The American Sound Bank

The American Sound Bank
An ELU Philanthropic Project

The American Sound Bank is an aural collection of America’s wildest spaces for use in research, wellness and preservation.


The American soundscape offers awe-inspiring beauty and unimaginable benefits that matter to all of us. Unfortunately, America’s unique soundscape is threatened with expanding cities, human activities and more than 85,000 flights crossing the sky each day. Science has proven noise pollution increases stress, hypertension, sleep disturbances and poses profound psychological challenges to humans - and wildlife. Research has also shown aircraft noise causes animals to abandon habitats and impacts reproduction.

The American Sound Bank is helping scientists understand and respond to changes smarter, preserve and protect our natural spaces, preserve a historical record of our wildest spaces and culture for generations to come and improve human wellness in ways never before imagined.

The only thing that’s missing is you! The American Sound Bank is a gift to future generations made possible by Explorers Like Us and the generous support of people like you.


What are Dimensional High-Definition recordings – and why are they better?


Dimensional High-Definition™ , or DHD™ is a proprietary recording method pioneered by Explorers Like Us that captures audio that is both exceptionally accurate and presents audio sources where they exist in 3D space with unparalleled precision. In short, DHD is exceptionally lifelike audio that places you in the center of the action!

The American Sound Bank creates ultra-realistic DHD recordings of natural environments for a variety of purposes. Our proprietary recording technology and its highly specialized mastering techniques are available no place else in the world today.





So, how are high-definition recordings used?


The American Sound Bank True Life™ audio are used in a growing number of ways.

Science. Because they provide aurally and dimensionally-accurate records of our natural environments, they can be used in scientific research and other applications that document existing environments in ways that help scientists understand and respond to our world better.

History. The American Sound Bank collection offers a powerful historical record like no other available in the world today. Can you imagine being able to listen in on the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence as if you were sitting in the room? Our work will make this a reality for future generations.

Preservation and Conservation. Precision aural signatures help document, study impacts and restore environments to their natural states like no other resource available today.

Wellness. Our work today is helping people heal and feel better using nature’s experience in ways that mitigate anxiety, stress and depression like never before possible. Life Environments™ is innovative new wellness technology that uses our technology to disrupt anxiety, stress and depression.

Our Work

What we do every day.


Explorers Like Us captures America’s wildest spaces using leading-edge technology pioneered by our team of researchers, scientists and technology experts. We identify locations of interest and deploy field recordists and community participants to explore and capture them. We then master captured environments in lifelike surround sound that places you in the center of the experience itself like never before possible. It's not always easy - but, it's always worth the effort.

Your Support Matters

We need your help!


From hard science to medicine and preservation, The American Sound Bank is a 100% NON-PROFIT philanthropic project that benefits each of us in unexpected and delightful ways. In late 2018, many of our works will be available free of charge to children’s hospitals throughout North America to help children feel and heal better! That’s only one of the ways we’re already making a difference today!

Our work is made possible by people just like you! The American Sound Bank benefits significantly from the technological philanthropy of Explorers Like Us Cinema and Sound. However, all operational costs are made possible by people just like you!

When you support us on platforms like Patreon, you help make life a better place to be for all life that calls our magnificent land home. And, yes, 100% of your contribution supports our work. Not a penny goes to anything else! For as little as $2 a month you can join our rapidly growing family of people who are making our world a better place to be in unique ways for generations to come!

So, what Are you waiting for?