The American Sound Bank

The American Sound Bank
An ELU Philanthropic Project

The American Sound Bank is an audio collection of America’s wildest spaces for research, wellness and preservation.


The American soundscape is one of the most unique resources we have. Its benefits extend far beyond its aural experience – and we’re using it to do things that are helping people and our society in some quite unexpected ways.

The American Sound Bank is a pioneering project by Explorers Like Us Cinema and Sound that captures natural soundscapes in ways that are helping improve the lives of people each and every day in unexpected ways.

We’re helping people feel and heal better. We capturing environments in formerly impossible lifelike ways that place you in the center of wondrous natural spaces that inhibit stress, anxiety and fear while improving cognitive performance safely and without the use of medications.

We’re helping scientists understand, respond, alter, manage and restore environments smarter than previously imagined. The American Sound Bank recordings are so accurate, detailed and lifelike that scientists are preserving, protecting and reimagining natural spaces in new ways and educating and informing in experiential ways never before possible.

We’re helping preserve today for future generations. Because of the unique nature of The American Sound Bank audio, we’re able to place listeners within environments as part of the environment itself as opposed to mere listeners. Can you imagine standing in the center of Independence Hall, at Custer’s last stand or in the studio as the Beatles or Beach Boys recorded an album?

Explorers Like Us aural capture technology makes this possible. The American Sound Bank makes it a reality.


What are Dimensional High-Definition 3D recordings?


Dimensional High-Definition™, or D3D™ audio is a proprietary recording technology pioneered by Explorers Like Us that captures audio that is positionally precise, acoustically accurate, and presents audio sources as they exist in 3D space and places the listener acoustically within environments for unparalleled interactive experiences. In other words, it's lifelike sound.

D3D™ technology is used in science, entertainment and therapeutic applications where unparalleled precision and experiential engagement is required.

Our proprietary acquisition technology and its highly specialized mastering techniques have been pioneered by Explorers Like Us Cinema and Sound and are available no place else in the world today.




So, how are high-definition recordings used?


Science. Because they provide aurally and dimensionally-accurate records of environments of all types, The American Sound Bank technology can be used in scientific research and other applications that document existing environments in ways that help scientists understand and respond to our world better.

Historic Preservation. The American Sound Bank collection makes possible historical experiential recording like none available in the world today. Can you imagine listening in on the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence as if you were sitting in the room? Our work makes this a reality for future generations.

Preservation and Conservation. While video is capable of showing us what’s visible, precision aural signatures are far more extensive and are helping scientists capture, document, study impacts and restore environments to their natural states like no other resource available today.

Wellness. The American Sound Bank is helping people heal and feel better using nature’s experience in ways that mitigate anxiety, stress and depression like never before possible. Life Environments™ is innovative new wellness technology that uses our technology to disrupt anxiety, stress and depression.

How We Roll

Innovation spoken here.


Explorers Like Us Cinema and Sound pioneers new technologies that are blurring lines and making differences every day in areas that range from cinema and science to conservation, environmental engineering and history.

We do much more than imagine and innovate. We create ground-breaking products that make the world a better place to be for millions of people.

That’s simply how we roll.


Working together.



The American Sound Bank™ is a non-profit philanthropic project of Explorers Like Us that captures environments for future generations of preservationists, historians, engineers, conservationists and scientists access the unique American soundscape for philanthropic works that make America a better place to be.


Explorers Like Us Cinema and Sound technologies drive some of today’s most innovative experiential aural technologies. Where it takes us is anyone’s guess. We provide services for companies ranging from science and engineering to therapeutic and entertainment applications unique capabilities and unparalleled opportunities.

If your company would like to explore an opportunity, please contact us to schedule a time we can explore your requirements.