Explorers Like Us Announces “An American Sojourn” – The First Interactive Production to Capture America’s Spectacular 3D Aural Experience


Explorers Like Us Announces “An American Sojourn” – The First Interactive Production to Capture America’s Spectacular 3D Aural Experience.

A film company is setting out to capture America in brilliant 3D sound – and invites the world to join!


FISHERS, Ind., Sept. 1, 2017 – “An American Sojourn,” is a first-of-its-kind interactive production expedition. Production crews will travel to crowdsourced locations throughout the nation capturing lifelike environments using new Surroundia™ audio surround sound technology, pioneered by Explorers Like Us. In support of this ambitious project, the company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to engage fellow explorers and supporters worldwide.

“We’re delivering nature’s benefits, whenever, wherever and however consumers like,” says Founder Kevin Williams. “The science is clear: Interaction with nature is an essential element of human health and happiness. The problem is more than 80% of us fail to get enough of it, and the results are alarming. While nothing beats a walk, jog or simply playing in a garden, Life Environments™ is the next best thing when getting there isn’t possible. Life Environments™ makes many of nature’s benefits portable and accessible.”

Life Environments™ is not traditional audio. Originally developed to help healthcare patients heal and feel better with less medication, Life Environments™ leverages the physiology of the human head to place listeners within lifelike 3D environments. “Few activities are more restorative than going someplace refreshing during a hectic day, medical procedure or preparing for a restful sleep,” noted Mark Templeton M.D., co-founder of Explorers Like Us. Listeners are immersed in pleasurable experiences that inhibit many cognitive processes believed key in the expression of stress, anxiety and depression while simultaneously enhancing senses of well-being and happiness. All that’s required are headphones or earbuds, an Internet-connected device and a subscription to leverage many of nature’s benefits.

Building an interactive community around Life Environments™ productions and keeping backers engaged is a key element of the Explorers Like Us strategy. “Once ‘An American Sojourn’ officially kicks off, backers will help select production regions and locations, provide ideas and insights, and interact with production crews live via satellite feeds,” notes Wendy Besase, executive producer. “Backers can participate in challenges like  identifying production locations based on clues embedded in live feeds and Instagram vignettes. Every Indiegogo campaign backer receives credits on the Life Environments™ website and possibly within the media itself in recognition of their valuable support.”

Life Environments™ will become available publicly by subscription in November. In 2018, Life Environments™ will be made available to America’s children’s hospitals for therapeutic use free of charge.


About Explorers Like Us

Explorers Like Us (https://explorerslikeus.com/) is an innovative film company that’s fusing leading-edge science, cinema and audio technology, behavioral research, and human response to create deliciously unique cinematic technologies and experiences.



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